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HypE - Hypervolume Estimation Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization

HypE is an hypervolume-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithm and has been proposed by Johannes Bader and Eckart Zitzler at the ETH Zurich. See also PISA download page

PISA module

HypE is available as PISA module. Please click one of the following buttons to download the windows binary, unix binary or source code.
Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit
Sources in C

Matlab Code

There also exist Matlab functions to calculate the HypE fitness values exactly and to approximate the values by Monte-Carlo sampling:

Hype Indicator Exact in Matlab
Hype Indicator Sampled in Matlab

Corresponding Papers

[1 — bz2008a]
J. Bader and E. Zitzler. HypE: An Algorithm for Fast Hypervolume-Based Many-Objective Optimization. TIK Report 286, Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK), ETH Zurich, November 2008. (PDF) (bibtex) (suppl. material)
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